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Phantom 1XL Dimmable LED Grow Light (gen6) 104w 3500k

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Lens Sold Seperately. Click here to order 1. 


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           Phantom 1 XL Dimmable is the first Mainstream production LED that features Samsung's most efficient LED created to date, the Samsung LM301H. Phantom 1XL is well equipped with the latest in high end LED Tech at every level. Commercial grade fan less Meanwell 100 watt Dimmable Driver not only gives you reliability & efficiency but full control of your light intensity with dimmability between 10-100%. Overbuilt Optic XL anodized black, pin fin heatsink ensures lowest running temperatures for low btu output, maximum light production & longest lifespan.

           Integration of 8 CREE XPE Deep Reds & 4 CREE XPE Royal Blue LEDs enhances the worlds most efficient Samsung LED's to give you a robust full cycle Spectrum, maximum light production & increased gram per watt yields. Phantom 1XL is designed for those of you out there that want access to what the latest in LED technology has to offer. What can Phantom Tech do for your garden?

April 2019 Samsung newsroom published news about the breakthrough in efficiency at Samsung's LED lab with the new horticulture specific LM301H surpassing the LM301B. -click here to read article. 


Coverage Footprint:


1 Unit                                               

2' x 2' area (.6m x .6m)                      

Max 2.5' x 2.5' (.75m x .75m)             

4 Units                                   2 Units

4' x 4' area (1.2m x 1.2m)      2' x 4' area (.6m x .1.2m)

Max 5' x 5' (.75m x .75m)       3' x 3' area (.9m x .9m)

Veg (1 unit)

2' x 2' area @ 24"

3' x 3' area @ 18" Hang Height (1.2m x 1.2m)



Hanging Height : 

Flower: 8"-18"    (

Pro Tips: Wk1-3 @18"  -  Wk4-6 @14"  - Wk7-10 @8"-9" 

Veg: 24" - 30"    (@ 100% Power)

Seedling: 24" (Dimmed Down @ 50%)

  10-100% Dimmer is included.


  Dimmed at minimum 10% Power.

 Turned up to 50% Power.

 Adjusted to 100% Full Power.


Phantom 1XL Components:


LEDs: 372 Total LEDs 

White LEDs: 

- 360 Top Bin Samsung LM301H   

Bloom Enhancers:

- 8 CREE XPE Deep Reds 

- 4 CREE XPE Royal Blue LEDs



Optics :

Phantom 1XL Comes standard with No Secondary Lens

(as shown in picture below)

- All 372 LEDs have a primary Lens. Part of the efficiency gains for record breaking LM301H was made with increases in optics technology within the primary lenses of the Samsung LEDs. The horticulture specific primary lenses are rigid to withstand a wide variety of grow room environments.

Optional 120 degree Secondary Wide Beam Acrylic Lens 

(To buy a lens click this link and add to cart)


 Secondary Acrylic Lens provide additional protection and 120 Degree beam
angle. PAR Meter testing shows 5% higher PAR Values with no Acrylic Lens.


Driver: Meanwell Dimmable HBG Series Driver



Thermal management: Passive Cooling from a Overbuilt Anodized black Pin Fin Heat sink (Fanless Technology) 



PPFD Phantom 1XL in 2x2 area (NO LENS)

(Tested with Apogee MQ-500 meter) : 


8" Hanging Height PPFD: 803.31

803.31 ppfd x .36 Square meters (2x2 area)= 289.19
289.19 divided by 104 watts = 2.78 PAR Efficacy



12" Hanging Height PPFD: 627.43


18" Hanging Height PPFD: 483.62




Spectrum: Full Spectrum White Light + 660nm Deep RED + 450nm Royal Blue




Kelvin: 3500K DayLight White

IP Rating: IP67 Waterproof

PPFD: 803.31 umols

PAR Efficacy: 2.78 umols/ J

Actual Power Draw: 104 watts max

Grams Per Watt: up to 2.25

Yield: Up to 225 grams / 7.14 ounces

Lifetime: 100,000 Hours+  

Warranty: 10 Years full warranty - Lifetime warranty on Meanwell Driver 

Shipping: Free Shipping to 60+ countries 

Light Fixtures: Phantom 1 XL Dimmable LED Grow Light

IP Rating: IP65 Water Resistant with LENS

Cables: 6 Foot attached power cord 

Plug: USA, CANADA, EURO, Commercial, Industrial etc.

(We automatically ship the correct cord for your country)

Dimming: 10-100% Dimming Capabilities (Dimmer Included)

Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 8"

Weight: 8 lbs

Hanger: Comes with adjustable rope ratchet & Large Caribeaner.

Recommended for: Closet Grow, Cabinet Grow & Grow Tents.

*International Shipments may require Taxes & Duties. Contact us for a quote!  - Phantom 1 XL Patent Pending.

Your Instafeed account was blocked for security reasons - Please check if your account username is correct or if you have enough posts with hashtag #phantom1xl and contact support.


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