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Optic 4XL vs Optic 8+ Harvest Video June 2019 (WestCoast Cannabis) .





Optic 4 XL vs Optic 8+ Side by Side Grow (2019)

"Battle of the Dimmable COBs" 

 Optic 4XL vs Optic 8+ Harvest Video June 2019 (WestCoast Cannabis) .

 Week#10 Flower Optic 8+ vs Optic 4XL Side by Side Grow

Week#9 / Day#67 Flower  - Side by Side Grow Optic 8+ vs Optic 4XL

Day#59 (Week8) Side by Side Grow 

Day#52 (Week8 Flower)

Day#43 Flower (Wk7 Day1) Battle of the Dimmable COBs grow series

(WestCoast Cannbis with Optic LED)


Day#29 Flower (week5 day1) (WestCoast Cannbis with Optic LED)

 (WestCoast Cannbis with Optic LED)

 1XL, 4XL & two Optic 8+'s (WestCoast Cannbis with Optic LED)

Video Documented Grow Series Pages (with Harvest Results)

Optic 8+ The Pound Game Grow Series 

Optic 4 - Lightmover Grow Series

Optic 1 - 3 Autos 3 COBs Grow Series

Optic 1 XL - 100 watt COB LED Grow 




Dry Weight Harvest Results 

Optic 8+ - 2.4 Grams Per Watt! (42.96 ounces / 2.67lbs) 


Optic 8+ Harvest Video#3of3 (Last 2 Plants - the Mega Yielders)

 Optic 8+ Harvest video#2of3 (Harvesting 2 Plants)

Optic 8+ Harvest video#1of3 (Harvesting 4 Plants)


Optic 1XL - Dutch Kush Photoperiod - (Optic1 vs Optic 1XL)(WCC)

Optic 1 XL - Dry Weight Harvest Results -7oz / 1.96gpw


Optic 1 XL - Harvesting 2 Autos from 100w COB LED Grow



Optic 4 Dry Weight Harvest Results

 Optic 4 Massive Harvest (WestCoast Cannabis)

 Optic 4 Harvest Video (Video 2 of 2) (WestCoast Cannabis)

Optic 4 LED Starting the Harvest (Video 1 of 2) (WestCoast Cannbis) 

Optic 4 Day#100 HUGE BUDs grown with Optic 4 (WestCoast Cannabis)

Optic 4 Dry Weight Harvest Results (2nd Optic 4 Harvest for Dr Auto)

Optic 4 - Harvesting BIG FAT BUDs (DR Auto 2nd Harvest with Optic 4)

Optic 4 Photoperiod Harvest - DR Autoflower's first Harvest with Optic 4

Optic 4 Photperiod Harvest (video 2 of 2) Dr Autoflower

Optic 4's Dry Weight Harvest Results (Bloom Bloom Room)

Optic 3 Dry Weight Harvest Results 1.56 GPW (WestCoast Cannabis)

Optic 1 Harvest Results - Glueberry OG & Blueberry Photoperiod Plants

Optic 1 Harvest - Glueberry OG Photoperiod - Optic 1XL vs Optic1 Grow

Optic 1 Harvest Results



Optic 4 XL - Unboxing - Review - 2 minute Par Meter Test (WestCoast Cannabis)


Optic 8+ Reviews (Dr Autoflower)

 Optic 8+ Unboxing & Review (Bloom Bloom Room)

Optic 8+ Demo, Review & Expectations


 Optic 8+ Garden Dr Autoflower


Optic 8+ Unboxing (baylien warriors)

 Optic 8+ How to use it in the garden (Bloom Bloom Room)



Optic 6 Reviews

 Optic 6 PAR METER Testing in Grow Room (WestCoast Cannabis)

 Optic 6 unboxing & Review (Dr Autoflower)




Optic 2 Reviews


Unboxing & Review (Monarch Garden)

 Optic 1 Reviews


Optic 1 XL Review (Optic LED Grow Lights)


 Optic 1 XL Unboxing & Review (Dr Autoflower)

Optic 1 XL Unboxing and review 

Unboxing & Demo (Polo Purpp)

3 x 3 (1m x 1m) Optic Hang kit (seed 2 stoned)

Optic LED Grow Videos 

Automating your Grow Environment on a budget - (WestCoast Cannabis)

Fast VEG times - 39 Days from Seed - Optic 8+ (WestCoast Cannabis)

 Optic 8+ Pound Game Grow Series - the beginning

Optic 4 Grow Videos

Multiple Optic 4's Growing Huge Plants (Bloom Bloom Room)


Optic 2 Grow Videos

Optic 2 Growing quality cannabis

Autoflower Grow

Optic 2 Grow Box Series

 Optic 2 Grow Box Series